Motor controllers with quadrature feedback

Chipbotics designs multi-channel closed loop motor controllers with quadrature feedback, ideal for hobby robotics.

  • Reads multiple quadrature encoders simultaneously to provide high resolution position and speed feedback.
  • Command multiple motors simultaneously for synchronized control.
  • PID closed loop position and velocity control turns your motor into a smart servo.
  • Speed and acceleration control produces smooth motion.
  • The SPI interface allows fast communications with microcontrollers such as Arduino, PIC or Raspberry Pi.
  • Get the latest features with free firmware updates via bootloader.
  • Download driver and demo code for free.
QuadQuad2Drv - 4ch motor controller with quadrature feedback

QuadQuad2Drv – 4ch Controller

Q-Pixie - 1ch motor controller with quadrature feedback

Q-Pixie – 1ch Controller