Incubot is a closed loop environmental controller designed to control temperature, air flow and humidity within small and medium grow chambers such as plastic tubs and grow tents.

Heater and fan outputs are variable power, rather than on/off, thus providing more stable conditions.

Temperature and humidity sensors, fans and heaters can be connected. The system accepts a nominal 12V power supply, which is used to power the fans and heaters. The sensors are powered 3.3V.


  • Closed loop temperature control with auto-tune.
  • Closed loop air flow control using main fan.
  • Closed loop humidity control using main fan and optional fan-based humidifier.
  • Environmental conditions and targets shown on screen.
  • Easily adjustable targets and parameters using screen and rotary knob.
  • Supports SHT2x I2C combined humidity & temperature sensors.
  • Supports 1-wire DS18B20 temperature sensors.
  • Drive up to 10A heaters.
  • Drive a standard 12V fan for air flow control; either 3-wire or 4-wire.
  • Drive a standard 12V fan for humidity generation; 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-wire.
  • Software updates over USB.
  • Safety features include current limiting / fault protection, input power monitoring and disabling outputs in case of a sensor fault.